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Thank You, Steve

October 6, 2011

Thank you for inspiring.

Thank you for entertaining.

Thank you for delivering.

Thank you for taking me along on a technological journey with you!

I’ll sit on the Apple BOD

August 14, 2009

Yup – I’ll do it! ┬áME – ME (raising my hand)! Pick ME!

I will be happy to sit in the seat that Mr. Schmidt vacated.

My Experience:

16 yrs – CEO / Business Owner

– Technology Consulting Corporation

21 yrs – Product Manager / MBA

– SW Apps and Telecom/Datacom Products

24 yrs – Project Manager / Multinational (MEA)

– Communication Networks up to about $100M

29 yrs – Systems Engineer / BSEE

35 yrs – Passionate and in “the industry”

I think that these corporate boards would benefit greatly from the perspective of an ordinary person who is not a windfall millionaire, a lawyer or a politician – someone who has enough experience to “speak the language” of the business and still appreciate the product or service from the consumer perspective. Yes, there is tremendous benefit from a board member with an elite social network, experience managing $B’s (not just $M’s), and the experience of a few “hard knocks” in the stratosphere of business finance. Wisdom does indeed come from extraordinary experiences that these board members usually have, but missing in the mix is the wisdom of someone who walks more naturally beside their consumer.

So, I’ll toss my hat into the ring!

Steve Jobs: This is a genuine application for this position. I want that seat on your Board! You NEED me! All I ask is that you shield me from litigation so that I don’t pay my attorney more than Apple pays me…

I’ll sit on the Apple Board of Directors – just ask.