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“Like” my Robocaller Blocker on Facebook

January 26, 2013

Hi folks – please “like” my proposal for a method to block 95% of those illegal robocallers that call sometimes several times a day – what a NUISANCE they are.  I know how to stop them. “Like” my proposal and get us all one step closer to stomping out these scammers!


Stop those Dang Robocallers!

January 18, 2013

I am fed up with robocallers – FED UP! There are entire days when the only telephone calls I get are from robocallers, and the only cellphone SMS messages I get are from mass e-mailers.

The Federal Trade Commission has a “challenge” to the public to stop the illegal robocaller:

It is a public competition for the best overall solution to this nuisance, and I entered with a proposal.  On the final day of editimg my proposal, I received five robocalls, so you can bet that I was “all fired up”!

Here is my 15-page proposal – Robocaller Blocker  I call it the “RoboBlaster”.

The FTC makes their decision on the most promising response to their challenge on April 1st – on APRIL FOOL’S DAY, of all days…

Stay tuned…