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Raising the Flag this Memorial Day

May 26, 2012

Boy Scout Troop 500 in our area contacted me the other day to ask if I would help their troop go to summer camp. Their proposal was to plant a flag in my yard at about sunrise four times this year on specific National holidays, and then retrieve the flag at about sunset the same day – this for a small contribution to the troop. I was asked if I could let homeowners in my neighborhood know about this project.

This is a terrific idea – the troop calls it “Raising the Flag”. I was glad to spread the word throughout my neighborhood and to another nearby neighborhood, too. As the HOA president, I have some resources, an e-mail list, and an organized “pyramid” for communicating out to our homeowners and other nearby HOAs. I hope to see a “sea of flags” tomorrow. I am sure to see a few, at any rate.

I like this project. It teaches a patriotism lesson, a commitment lesson, a flag ritual, and it instills some confidence as the scouts approach neighbors beyond their street. So, I said, “Sure – I’ll spread the word! And, here is my contribution!”

Our neighborhood is tremendously diverse. Different cultures have different views of charity and community and country, and there are likely to be several differing perspectives in our neighborhood regarding this flag project. From my point of view, Troop 500 Raising the Flag projects genuine American values that I hope the various cultures of homeowners living in my neighborhood will notice and can appreciate.

I like celebrations. I encourage our homeowners to live quiet, discrete lives, but I also encourage our homeowners to celebrate as a community now and then by doing something that they don’t do every day – something tangible to celebrate something meaningful.

Raise your flag this Memorial Day – celebrate with Troop 500, and with me!