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PunchCAD – Great People & Great Products

August 7, 2010

I love to praise – I really do. It seems as though there is less opportunity to praise these days, but today I am compelled to praise a terrific company with great products, and more importantly with great people working hard for their customers.

Punch Software

In my “hour of need”, this company treated me as though I was one of their most important customers, and they solved a “sticky” problem for me in short order. This is the third time – out of three support calls – over three years when I was treated very well indeed AND my problem was completely resolved. With a license for only one seat for a mid-scale CAD product, I am clearly not “the big kahuna”, but this company treats me as though I am their most important customer when I call. And at the end of the day, they solve my problem, too – every time.


You folks are exemplary. and I would like everyone I work with to know that. I can tell that you are passionate about your products and your customers.



Footnote: Punch Software and PunchCAD products were recently acquired by Encore Software. I hope that this is a good marriage for everyone!