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Engineers can just about do Anything!

November 28, 2010

I was watching a really neat DVD: “Moon Machines” from the Science Channel – again – I love this DVD. This is a really good DVD for an engineer. The problems chronicled are engineering problems; the people chronicled are engineers. The first show concerns the Saturn 5 rocket, and about seven minutes into the second scene, George Phelps, senior project engineer at North American Aviation from ’64-’68 says, “Engineers can just about do anything.” This quote is special – let me  repeat it:

“Engineers can just about do anything.”

I have met George, and he is a passionate engineer. George reminds me of my mentor Bill Thompson at Rockwell International… Bill taught me to be an engineer – I didn’t learn to be an engineer at university. As I type this post, I am pulling out my slide rules. I have three – a K & E Keffel & Esser from 1938 (my grandfather’s), a Charvoz-Roos (my father’s), and a Sterling Precision (mine). This is engineering “culture” lost. I remember in grade school when the PE coach called me, “ruler-head” because I kept my slide rule in my binder in my PE locker during PE…

You may think that I am weird, but I am here to tell you that engineers can just about do anything – this is indeed the case. You may not appreciate that. You may not fathom why that is the case, but it is. Engineers can just about do anything. Or as a good friend PN says, “Engineers make it work.”

I am an engineer – a good engineer, and a passionate engineer. The game has changed in the business world where an engineer is virtually unappreciated today, but I am here to tell you – an engineer can just about do anything.

Need something complicated done? Done right? Done well? Call an engineer!