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Another App – Which is healthier?

March 14, 2012

And while I am thinking about apps, this came to me while watching two ladies shopping at Costco. The problem these two were wrestling with:

Which of these two coffee creamers is lower in calories?

To complicate their analysis, one creamer quoted per 1/2 oz serving, and the other quoted per 3/4 oz serving. The ladies commented that they used about 2 oz per cup of coffee…  But there is a generic problem:

Which choice of (name your product) is healthier?

Food labels are required to state these standard dimensions of food nutritional value:

1) grams of saturated fat, 2) grams of trans-fat, 3) grams of sodium, 4) grams of carbohydrates, 5) grams of fiber, 6) grams of sugar, and 7) grams of protein.

Amazon’s Price Check app scans the bar code of a product and presents a long list of merchants and the prices they charge. With just a little twist on this app and a database to refer to, this kind of app could compare two items (or heck, why not three or four) and graph the seven nutritional statistics for an easy visual comparison.


  • Doritos to Cheetos, or
  • Pork bacon to turkey bacon, or
  • Jimmy Dean biscuits to Hot Pockets, or …

Just try it. It takes quite a while to compare by looking at the packages, but if you had a trusty app… Well, maybe there is an “app for that!”  But, not that I know of.

Hmmm…  I’ll “talk this up” with some friends and see what it would take to make “an app for that!”