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Mark Hepworth for Mayor

May 3, 2013

My City Councilman is running for mayor of my fine city. I Like Mark!  Mark Hepworth is a fine person who is determined to stomp out cronyism and the “good ole boy network” in the City politics that stymies citizen voices and involvement. I have known Mark for about four or five years. He says what he thinks, does what he says, and he asks what you think, by the way. He listens. He speaks with clarity. His base motivation is to do good, and not for personal gain. He shirks notoriety. He’s a refreshing personality in the City.

Mark stands for term limits.

Mark stands for transparency in government.

Mark wants to stop the “entitled attitude” of city leaders.

Mark wants new leaders to infuse new ideas.

Mark wants anyone living in our city to be able to talk directly to him – in his office – in Council chambers – on the street.  He genuinely cares to know what people have to say.

Got a few minutes – here is his message in one minute chunks:

Mark Hepworth for Mayor – a Minute with Mark

This is refreshing. When was the last time you heard these ideas from a sincere politician?

If you live in Grand Prairie, Texas, get out and VOTE! “Mark the ballot for Mark!”