APB – Missing, Dire Straits “Communique”

Calling All Cars – Calling All Cars.

We are issuing an ALL POINTS BULLETIN for the immediate recovery of a missing CD.

Please keep a lookout for Dire Straits “Communique”.

Last seen in the classic rock section of the CD stand about four months ago in the company of “Love Over Gold” and the rest of the gang’s discography.

Whereabouts are currently unknown. Any information leading to the apprehension of “Communique” will be greeted with a hearty embrace!


This happens to me now and then, folks.  I loan stuff to friends freely – to be frank, I don’t recall lending this CD to anyone, lately… But worse (and far more likely), I am prone to ‘misfiling” items I return to my media library. With more than 4000 CDs “on the shelf”, misfiling has the same ramification as misshelving a book at a large library – it will only be found in the stacks by accident…

My spellchecker is griping about the word “misshelving”. Huh… Misspoken – 2 ‘s’s… Misshapen – 2 ‘s’s… Misspelling, misspending, misstate, misstep… Where’s my multivolume dictionary?

“Communique” is a terrific album – can’t wait to find it! And listen to it, again!


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