Privacy, ID Theft and Junk Mail

I have a bone to pick – Citi, AmEx, AAA, AARP, DirecTV – all you other guys doing mass mailings – ARE YOU ALL LISTENING?

We get a ton of mass mailings, here. We shred a ton of mail, here.  Every credit card application we receive is pre-completed. Envelops are addressed on the paper envelop, and our address appears again inside the letter. We try to shred anything with a name and address – or even more information. We try to preserve privacy and fight ID theft. We try!

You mass mailers make that mission terribly difficult.

Here is what you can do to make my life easier:

1) Address my mass mailing to “Neighbor” at my address.

2) Use a glassine window and place my name and address on only one sheet of paper in the letter.

3) STOP sending me pre-completer credit card applications – I get several a week – sometimes several a day! CITI, doesn’t my silence over the many years send you a message? I try and try to stop your wasteful mailings to no avail – I phone, and I write. I know that you are obliged to stop this harassing marketing practice if I ask you, but I have to go through precisely the right channel, and I guess I have not found it, yet. Just STOP. You have wasted more than a hundred dollars in postage and who knows how much in printing and assembly to send me trash through the mail over the years trying to entice me with your credit card offers. Please, just STOP. I am not going to do business with you!

4) On the credit card applications – if you are just compelled to send me something to appease a manager somewhere looking over your shoulder to be sure that you left no stone unturned, have a box to check to STOP the wasteful flow of paper from your place to mine!

Every time my name, address, phone number and birthdate (or some significant date) and other information such as current insurer appears on the same sheet of paper, well, you are aiding and abetting the ID thieves that somewhere in your company you are surely spending money to defeat.

If I get the RoboCaller award, I swear I am going to invest some of it in a mighty hefty shredder just for your nuisance trash you send to me.

So, all kidding aside, the mass mailers assist identity thieves who do dumpster diving by putting a lot of information in one place. A big offender is AARP that sends me something once or twice a week, and older people have a lot to lose, and many haven’t a good idea of the risks of ID theft – that does them a great disservice in my opinion.

AARP – are you listening?

If I get this robocaller prize, I swear I’ll take up a battle against junk mail, next! Watch Out – HERE I COME!

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