Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – Part 2

I am having a good Christmas holiday – a Corsicana Bakery Christmas cake (yum!), cookies (and an enthusiastic Merry Christmas) from Shirley and her grade school daughter down the street, dinner a few nights before Christmas with Victor and his family and a few mutual friends JC, Smitha and Nagesh (and little Isha), phone calls with my mother, sister, brother and niece, a visit from Shoichi from Japan, annual correspondence from decades old friends like Don in Austin, Sy in Boston, Ginger in Phoenix, and Mike in Princeton (Texas), cards from new friends like Mike in NC, Christmas calls with PN vacationing in central Texas, Kevin in the Bay area, and JC’s extended family in Portland. Everyone is healthy and happy – THAT’S GREAT – I am so glad to hear good news from everyone this year in spite of a gloomy economy and its broad impact on many of my good friends.

I got a “pile” of books for Christmas to add to my two I am currently reading. When King’s 11/22/63 and Issacson’s Steve Jobs are finished, I’ll crack the binding of Crichton’s Micro, I think. I still like a real book – I like the heft of a hardbound book in my hands and the tactile feel of a page of paper. I haven’t quite warmed up to e-books, yet.

So, to all my friends, new and old, and to everyone else in the world, too, Merry Christmas and Nappy New Year! I hope 2012 is a good year for us all.

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