What to do, what to do – Part 2

So, I am the proud owner of a new Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server – a terrific little computer for the desktop! It does a LOT, and it has yet to falter (knock on wood)…

See this drawing:

My primary concern was whether I could attach all the peripherals I use, and if so, whether the I/O bandwidth would be sufficient. So far, so good… I still wish I had an eSATA port in addition to all the other ports that the computer provides. The little Addonics eSATA adapter provides adequate data throughput for streaming HD movies from the disk array, though, and I am making do.

4 stars out of 5

deducting 1/2 star for an outdated Core2Duo chip set
deducting 1/2 star for the missing eSATA port

Snow Leopard Server inexplicably does not support Boot Camp

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